Julie’s No Rules Friday: Path of Pins, Path of Needles

From the archives, I bring you a poem that shows my love for the Little Red Riding Hood tale:

Path of Pins, Path of Needles

Over the pins and
through the woods
to Grandmother’s house:

My feet ached
to meet you, your
coat a rampant

needlepoint design.
They said your breath
stank of meat;

you smelled like
musk and
mint. Your long muzzle

pointed North, where
the two paths met.
We left Grandmother

far behind, gobbled
up the bread; I
tossed away

my red cap.
Your paws left
bloody prints:

The needles, you
explained. My cap
staining the bushes, my

cloak spreading
behind. The trail
of blood, dabs

in the dust.
I love you so,
I could eat you.

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