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November is almost upon us and I hope you all are considering signing up for NaNoWriMo (a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month). Actually, I hope that you have considered it, realized how crazy it is, and decided to do it anyways. Just in case you haven’t signed-up yet, here is the link Once you sign-up, we here at Cimmerian Tales would love to be your writing buddies and cheer you on through all your NaNo triumphs and failures. You can find me under “abennet”, Anne under “annemariewrites”, Jen under “jenniferlynnwrites”, and Julie under “jofthewolves”. To help you on your novel writing quest, I have a couple of books that I think give great writing advice:


 The first is No Plot, No Problem by NaNoWriMo creator Chris Baty. Not only is Chris a world-class motivator who fills his book with humorous anecdotes and pep talks, but reading this book will make you feel like you have the complete inside scoop on NaNo even if it’s your first time trying. If you have done absolutely no planning for NaNo and don’t know where to start, this is the perfect book for you. Chris will walk you through the best November ever, or at least give you ideas on how to handle the challenges and stress of ripping 50,000 words out of your heart in 30 days.


Still struggling with inspiration? Try Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly by Gail Carson Levine (Yes, the author of Ella, Enchanted and Fairest – both of which you should read after you’ve reached 50,000 words). Sure, she wrote this book for grade-schoolers, but it’s full of wonderful advice and writing exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing in a way that works great for writers of all ages. Plus, it’s a pretty fast read so you can hurry and get to all the writing you need to do!

I’m not going to lie. Writing a novel in 30 days can be gut-wrenchingly hard… and exhausting. I have only managed to do it once, but every year I try because it’s fun and seeing your novel at the end is beyond rewarding. If you can, go to write-ins and chat with your fellow Nanoers on the forums. It adds to your writing, or at least to the fun. I hope this helps your noveling and I hope to see you at the NaNo finish line!

I’ll be sending you plot ninjas and writing wishes all month!

About Audrey Goshorn

I'm a writer of (mostly YA) sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Also, I can make paper snowflakes with dinosaurs in them.

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