Audrey’s No Rules Friday

As promised I have dug up some old poems from high school. I’d like to say my poetry skills have improved, but I’m not so sure. The last one is the first part of a poem I never finished and both poems have been edited slightly from their original high school forms. If you would like to read a really good poem I would suggest Ulalume by Edgar Allen Poe, but I hope you enjoy these too.

The Poem

Sparks of thought pulsing
Reaching to a soul
Simple string of words
Painting of a heart
Emotions poured out
Bearing every truth
The words lead us to
A Utopia
A world out of reach
Beyond the dark place
That we created
With all our mistakes
The only escape
The scrawl of my pen
On blank paper

Highland Magic

Of birds with no feathers and fish with no fin
Of delicate faeries committing all sin
A whisper of warning falls over the moor
Awaken! Banshee, ghost, and monster of lore

Wild heather a haunting purple at dusk
Cold Scottish air filled with ice, magic, and musk
Eerily creeps blue mists blown from the sea
Silently engulfing whatever may be

Stay tuned for Jen’s No Rules next Friday!


About Audrey Goshorn

I'm a writer of (mostly YA) sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Also, I can make paper snowflakes with dinosaurs in them.

2 thoughts on “Audrey’s No Rules Friday

  1. The second one ties into our prompt from last month. I do think, however, that your hs poetry is still a million times better than mine.

  2. They weren’t better before I edited them. The second one totally ties into the September prompt. I kept thinking about all month. I’m glad I finally found it or I would have gone crazy searching for that poem.

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