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A/N: I’m going into the Vaults again to post a story I wrote when I was eighteen. (And look at that, it fit this month’s prompt. Also, I might have a thing for Lucifer and fallen angels in general.) It’s heavily influenced by Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” comic featuring the angel Angela — like I totes stole her name. All grammatical and spelling errors have been preserved for posterity … and hilarity.

Angel in Perdition

I bring death on silent wings and turn the hearts of mortals away from the light. I am Nathus of the First Breed. But I have not come to talk of men … I have come to talk of ‘The Battle’ and the small part I play. This ‘Battle’ has been fought for ages. No one ever claims victory, if that happened, this senseless violence would have ended long ago.

I’m sure you know of the angel’s fall to his own domain, if not, become educated. I was a witness to those final moments. The ‘silent watcher’, always the silent watcher. As I saw the events unfold before me, I rationalized both of the arguments. His way was the pure and good way, but Lucifer’s arguments puzzled me. I found myself being lured into his illusions. When I followed him into those dark caverns, it was I whose outward appearance had changed monsterous. Lucifer became even more beautiful than any of the other angels who had stayed in heaven.

I had been an admired angel in my own right, but now I was feared by all above. My new body ripped through the old one and my hands grew long, scaly, and clawed. My back burst and two giant wings cracked through the surface. My face became elongated and my eyes burned. When I awoke from the lessening of pain, I could bearly recognize the reflection that stood before me. I was now a hideous red-eyed dragon. My skin was a dark muted green. Maybe I was majestic and beautiful in the eyes of mortals, but to my own eyes I was repulsive and dark.

Hours after my transformation was complete, I found the extents of my new heightened awareness. My ears picked up the sound of winged feet running across the scorched ground. The step was light and sure. I knew it to be an angel at once.

A soft, soothing, and refreshing smell passed through my nostrils. For the first time I knew what heaven smelled like to an outsider. The source of the smell was a strong and uninhibited leader of others. I knew from the golden breastplate she wore, that she was a warrior in Saint Michael’s famous army.

She was slender yet muscular. Her golden skin shone through the darkest corners of hell. I loved her instantly, yet I knew not why. She had braved the pools of fire and brimstone to quench her insatiable curiosity. As she ran lithly across the rocks and rubble I heard the soft silk of her crisp white tunic brush gently against the sword she carried at her side. She took no notice of her surroundings. She had a purpose in hell. She was fearless but naïve. A lone angel stands no change in hell … or so I once believed.

As she neared my resting place, I lay in wait. Even though I strangely loved her, I wanted nothing more at that instant than to kill her. In my fall, not only did I lose my shape but I also lost the teachings of my God. I could feel her body’s heat not two feet from my own. I slowly opened my eyes and caught sight of her full form for the first time.

She possessed long, curly, reddish-brown hair and bright gray eyes that pierced through the darkness. They burned with an intense light I had never seen before. Her face beamed as only that of an angel’s could. Her lower lip quivered for a moment at the sight of me. She quickly bit down and reached for her sword.

“I am Colonal Angela of the First Rank of High Angels. I command you to surrender your life, in the name of Heaven.” her voice broke the silence and pierced the dark. She had all the characteristics of a highly respected leader. I felt my claws dig into the soft ground.

“Why should I surrender my life to you. I owe you nothing …” I called down to her.

She paused for a moment to think this through and then dashed off. The quiet solitude of darkness again cloaked my repulsiveness. I cursed her bravery. I knew she would return soon, and with others. I no longer cared. Instead of returning to the lazy boredom of sleep, I found myself listening for her return.

Indeed it came as predicted, but I heard no other echoes of others. She was returning alone, with no one to aid her. Yes, this one was brave. I grew excited. A chance to kill my enemy without a second glance.

I crept further into my hollow cave and waited to pounce upon her and rip open her golden throat. She must have sensed my hidden presence because she thrust her sword into the darkness and right into my ear. A swirl of pain rushed into my head and my ear began to swell and ring. I was furious. She had invaded the solitude of my home for her own glory.

I rose from my crouched position, the smoke already rising from my nostrils.

“Colonal Angela of the First Rank of High Angels, you were not invited to my abode. I do not remember sending you any directions. I have done nothing to warrant such violence. Now vengence will be mine!” I looked down on her helmeted head and forced myself not to kill her instantly. I had forgotten that angels cannot die and I was the one in danger of perishing in flames.

“You are evil. That is the only thing I need to warrant my behavior.” she called back. Her forceful voice mezmorized me.

“No matter how high your rank, you will not take my life for your own glory. I will not allow it.” I took a step forward, only to intimidate her.

She would not succumb to fear. She raised her blood stained sword and I knew she had killed other beasts like myself. I was suddenly struck with a fear I had not known before. I had been an angel once too, I knew the passion that ran through her veins. She charged me and though I was cornered, I stood my ground with claws poised for attack.

I couldn’t follow her fast movements and when I saw her again, I saw her wild eyes. The scales that covered my new body were impenatrable. I was protected from Angela’s wrath unless she struck my ears, eyes, or nose.

The wrath of hell burned in my throat and I gladly released it. The fire blanketed Angela’s soft features and she withstood the onslaught. I threw black soot into the fire to mar her beauty. She emerged unscythed and dirty. I claimed my only little victory. She sprung from the ground and tried again to thrust her sword into my chest. I felt a slight pressure as she attempted to kill me.

I swung my powerful tail and knocked both her bravery and her sword into the inky blackness. Her face changed instantly and I saw the hint of fear in her eyes. I knew this was my chance. I crushed her in my powerful grasp and heard her worn-out sigh. I felt her armour give. I dropped her suddenly to the ground revealing in my own power. She looked up at me in defience and utter wonder.

“Leave my humble home tresspasser! You do not belong in this vile place. Do not return or I will kill you!” I shouted filling the empty void. In my heart I knew she could not die.

She fled my world and returned to her own. Since then I have caught her heavenly scent and seen her tracks near my cave. Maybe someday we will meet again. Perhaps as friends and not enemies.


Stay tuned for Julie’s No Rules Friday next week.

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  1. We would have totally been friends in high school. Unicorns.

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