Happy New Year 2014 from Audrey


I hope everyone had a wonderful 2013, or at least one that had more ups than downs, but I’m really looking forward to 2014 and its new possibilites. I would like to take a moment to thank a couple of people who brought joy and hope to me in 2013.

First, thank you to my lovely writing partners Jen, Anne, and Julie. Julie, thank you for being a wealth of information and providing us with fat animals. Jen, thank you for inviting me to join CT and for being so emotionally honest and huggable. Anne, thank you for challenging me to do better, explaining the internet and its wonders to me, and for meeting me for waffles and writing whenever my crazy schedule allowed it. It has been wonderful working on this blog with you all and I really appreciate all your help and understanding with my writing and my life. I would like to thank everyone who liked or commented on one of my stories: Jeff Coleman, Beautiful Loser, The Zomie Blog, Thelosperspective, The Talking Violin, Dennis Cardiff, Damyanti, Oneanna65, Anna Mosca, Myothervoices, Dietterrogiers, Forestmtnhike, Michaelalexanderchaney, Redneck Rosarian, Matt George, and Taylor Oceans. Also, thank you to all my followers on twitter.

Thank you to my sister, Kit Campbell, for reading my blog and giving me feedback. You are an amazing writer and editor and I’m glad we’re family. Thank you to my mother for reading everything I write and staying up late to give me comments when I post last minute. Thank you for raising me with books and writing as part of my life. Thank you to all my other friends and family members that have encouraged and supported me, especially Christina Davis.

And lastly, I would like to thank my husband and son for being supportive of my writing needs and believing me. I love you both.

About Audrey Goshorn

I'm a writer of (mostly YA) sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Also, I can make paper snowflakes with dinosaurs in them.

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