Jen’s No Rules Friday

Friday Fluff!

The cold is intense, to my bones, but I’ve never been happier freezing to death. Her breath hangs front of me, solid as everything I know, soft as everything I need. Waves rake the shore with something like determination and the sand is tiny shards of ice under my bare feet. The winter sea wants to swallow us, and I’m keen to let it.
Heavy music blares from the glowing phone in her coat pocket, electric and wild. She dances to it, looking for all the world like the sun in the middle of a December night, and I want her. My mouth cracks into a half-smile, and I have to look away as heat colors my cheeks.
We dance together. Not with hips and hands, but with smiles and running and catching and running again. She brings my face to hers with fingertips under my chin, and presses her lips to mine. Before I can even think that this is crazy, my hands find their way to her slender neck, gently pulling her closer. She rakes her fingers through my hair, and her lips move against mine, soft and warm, all nectar. Her hand trails down my spine, clutching at my hip, sparking heat on ice. I sigh into her mouth, leaning in with wanting, wanting, wanting. I’m freezing cold, but I’ve never ever been warmer.


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