“The Field” by Rebecca Lowry Inspires Rebecca

‘Misty,’ I hiss. There’s no response from her. I  try again: ‘Misty!’

I curse her under my breath, but I’m really just afraid. It’s 3am. There’s no traffic on the road outside the field and if I cried for help, I doubt my sleeping parents would hear me. I cast a covetous look back at the house and my own bedroom lit by a low light. I should be safe in there, not out here in my pyjamas and boots, looking for an errant cat that doesn’t realise it’s in serious danger.

‘Misty!’ I whisper urgently, ’the blob is going to get you!’

When I say blob, I mean a literal blob. I’ve only caught glimpses of it from my bedroom window when I’ve dared to look at the field late at night, and sometimes it’s very big, sometimes about my height, but it’s always an indefinable thing, a ball of malice. I hate it and I fear it and nobody would understand, because they can’t see it.

So people would probably call me a witch, though I don’t like that at all because to me a witch casts spells and probably has a green face and all. I do have a cat (that would be Misty) but she’s a lazy moggy who can’t be told what to do, so she’d be the worst familiar. continue reading…

“The Field” by Rebecca Lowry Inspires Jen

Skin and Bones

Death smells like nothing else.

It’s metal and rot and acid.

Metal and rot and acid hang in the air, defying the wind.

The heat doesn’t help the smell.  I can almost taste it, and this realization makes me retch.

It’s not just the dead animal that has me swallowing bile, it’s the knowledge that you’re back.  You must be, because nothing else would leave an eviscerated fox on the path that we shared to our hideout in the trees.  You even left the liver for me.  You must remember it was my favorite part.

I wish you had stayed away.  It’s easier to forget you when you’re gone.

“Rhiannon,” my mother calls.  “Come inside.”

“In a moment.” I say.

I look to the woods, searching out your lupine form, or any trace of your copper eyes.  The trees are still and silent as the animal lying before me.  I know if I wait long enough, you will emerge.  But I turn my back and follow my mother’s command. continue reading…