Jen’s No Rules Friday

I’m taking a page from Audrey’s blog and posting a teeny little flash fiction that has since grown exponentially.  I think it’s really fun to say a lot in very few words.


The Flight

We were running.

Onyxʼs wings stretched out on either side of me, all black velvet over sinew and bone, immense and strong. His hooves beat the ground and I thought it should crack and splinter where they fell. I could feel his breath as my own, and the air we exhaled made stark vapor hang in the morning air. We were almost to the cliff, but they were gaining on us.

“Lilah! Stop!”

We ignored them.

“Easy,” I whispered to him. His ears pricked forward, leading us in the right direction. The drop off was just ahead, and the wind picked up as we cleared the trees. It tore away the shouts from behind, making them seem harmless. They were far from it.

Onyx slowed a fraction as we neared the outcropping, and he gathered his muscles for the jump, coiled tighter than a cobra. This wasnʼt some steeplechase fence, it was a twenty-one story wall of rock, with nothing below us but death. I gripped his ink-dark mane in both hands, knotting my fingers in it as if that would keep me firmly on his back as we danced through the air. Weʼd flown before, but never pursued by those who would love to see us fall.

A glance back showed the lead horse on our haunches, his neck snaking out, savage teeth ripping toward us. I kicked him in the face as Onyx screamed his defiance, spread his great wings, and leaped.
And even though I could lose the bond Iʼd risked my life for, lose everything, it was worth it because there was no sight as beautiful as a Pegasus spreading his wings. A grin split my face as sweet air rippled over Onyxʼs feathers and his wings caught a thermal, lifting us.

Shots peppered all around.

I screamed.


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