“Human” by Ethel Viva King Inspires Julie



The world has gone blue and gray. Something’s hooked around my waist, tugging. His arm. He digs nails into my side and when I scream, bubbles burst from my lips.

The black waits behind my eyes. If I breathe in, it will fill them.



Kiely smacks me across the face and I gasp, try to rise, but I’m tied down. She grabs my flailing arms and stills me. It’s just the seatbelt. Her jeep is parked at a curb. We’re in a cul-de-sac. Porch lights break the darkness.

“Jesus,” Kiely says, dropping my arms. She’s on the pavement outside the passenger door. Pretty face crossed with concern.

Good, I think. She helped get me into this mess.

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Audrey’s Cimmerian Tales Book Club

A couple months ago, I was scouring through the YA section of my annual library book sale when I discovered Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway. Obviously I had to have it because how often do you find a book with your name in the title? If your name were Audrey, then your answer would be pretty much never. Anyways, I loved the book and I hope you’ll give it a read as well.

9781595141927About the book:

Audrey, Wait! is the story of 16 year old Audrey Cuttler who dumps her musician boyfriend and then has to deal with the embarrassing, hilarious, and crazy fame inducing consequences when her ex’s song about their break-up becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Paparazzi, reporters, and high school drama plague Audrey but she’ll do whatever it takes to get her life back.

My Comments:

I thought the book was charming and funny with an original story idea. I enjoyed the characters a lot, especially Audrey at her most sarcastic and James at his most adorkable. I thought Robin did a great job writing a YA novel and staying current without trying too hard to sound like she was writing for teens. I actually did laugh out loud (reminded me of the humor of Sophie Kinsella – who I also love).  The pacing was really perfect. At the beginning of every chapter, Robin put a quote from a song. I haven’t done it yet but I think it would be fun to make a playlist of those songs and read the book with the music. The chapters are fairly short so I think it would work. Let me know if you’ve tried this.

About the Author:

Robin Benway is the author of Audrey, Wait!, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June, and the Also Known As series. Her newest book, Going Rogue (AKA series) came out yesterday. You can find out all about her on her blog robinbenway.com, but she loves making paper snowflakes like me, which is pretty awesome.

My Favorite Quote:

“He looked like someone’s proud grandparent. “Audrey, this is Mr. Farris.” When I didn’t say anything, Ron continued. “He’s the regional sales manager for all the Scooper Doopers across the country. You know, Mr. Farris?”

I don’t know about you, but if I ever became a regional sales manager for the Scooper Dooper franchise, I’d try to pinpoint where my life went so wrong.”

Audrey’s No Rules Friday

As promised I have dug up some old poems from high school. I’d like to say my poetry skills have improved, but I’m not so sure. The last one is the first part of a poem I never finished and both poems have been edited slightly from their original high school forms. If you would like to read a really good poem I would suggest Ulalume by Edgar Allen Poe, but I hope you enjoy these too.

The Poem

Sparks of thought pulsing
Reaching to a soul
Simple string of words
Painting of a heart
Emotions poured out
Bearing every truth
The words lead us to
A Utopia
A world out of reach
Beyond the dark place
That we created
With all our mistakes
The only escape
The scrawl of my pen
On blank paper

Highland Magic

Of birds with no feathers and fish with no fin
Of delicate faeries committing all sin
A whisper of warning falls over the moor
Awaken! Banshee, ghost, and monster of lore

Wild heather a haunting purple at dusk
Cold Scottish air filled with ice, magic, and musk
Eerily creeps blue mists blown from the sea
Silently engulfing whatever may be

Stay tuned for Jen’s No Rules next Friday!