Audrey’s No Rules Friday

I love flash fiction. It’s such a challenge to create a fleshed out piece in so few words. I’m very fond of 100 word story challenges, so I decided to share a couple here. The first one I wrote about 2 years ago and the second is new.

Love Bean

Her eyes electrocuted him. When he gazed into their murky blue-green depths, a jarring current ran through him, stopping his heart. He knew only her and the sensation of being burned from the inside out. He lived a lifetime in a brilliant flash. She held everything he had ever wanted and would ever want again: ecstasy and joy, sorrow and hope. He steeled himself against the urge to leap over the counter and pull her lips against his.

“Here’s your coffee, miss.”

A smiled flitted across her face. Turning away from him, she left behind the lingering scent of lightning.

Bean Love

Lightning never strikes twice. That’s what my mother always told me. My coffee cup rattles softly against its saucer.

“I’m so sorry, June,” sniffles Mark’s cousin Anita. I nod and put the coffee down feeling queasy.

It’s the smell. It used to remind me of the little place down on Fifth. But now? All I can see are rich grounds crumbling between my fingers, leaving their scent as they fall and scatter on a glossy black box.

He laughed and swung me into a hug when I said it’s the wrong day for golfing. My mother was wrong about lightning.