Craft: Another Discussion on Process

CraftandWritingThanks for joining us for our second group chat about process! The four of us have been contributing to Cimmerian Tales for three months now and we have been inspired by a sculpture, a song, and a poem.Which was your favorite type of prompt and why?

Anne:  Originally, I thought my favorite prompts would always be the sculptures. Sculpture speaks to me like no other art form. Then we had some music prompts. I love music prompts! They’re my new favorite. As we learned from this month, poetry is my nemesis. >:D

Audrey:  My favorite was the sculpture. A lot of times when I write, I have picture in my head of a place or a moment that I want to capture so the sculpture worked really well for me.

Julie:  I’ve only done one image and one song prompt so far, and both of those were tough for me. But I’m not convinced that the poetry prompts are my favorite … they just come with more words that work into my brain.

Jen:  I find rhythm really helpful when building a story so I always have fun with the music prompts.

Anne:  Yes, the beat really seems to seep into my story. It’s like magic.

What story are you most proud of?

Anne:  Honestly, I’m always most proud of the one I’m working on right now. I’ve liked writing past stories, but I look back and know I can do better in future.

Audrey:  Nothing stands out as a favorite?

Anne:  Well, Dreesicle, I also have a problem with remembering things for longer than a week.

Audrey:  LOL. I see your point, Anne. I love my stories until I put them up and then I want to change a million things.

Julie:  I don’t know if there’s a story I’m most “proud” of. I still really like my Stars prompt story, and I was happy with the story that came out of Crystallize despite having no idea where I was going. I also like the device I used for the Loud Without prompt, but I’m not going to spoil it here.

Audrey:  I think the one that turned out best was “Mr. MacGregor’s Garden,” the flash piece I wrote for No Rules Friday in August.

Jen:  I love that flash piece, Audrey! I think I’m most happy with my Samothrace prompt because such a strong world came out of it and I can see it building in mind.

Anne:  Oh, please, let me have a trilogy of that world. No, a seven book series!!

Audrey:  Thanks, Jen. I loved your Samothrace one.

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